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Welcome to Burnside, Kentucky’s premiere lake destination

The town of Burnside is extremely proactive at keeping our area healthy for residents and visitors. To date our town has had zero COVID 19 cases. Please continue to enjoy our town responsibly and wear proper PPE, continue social distancing, and practice good hygiene (especially hand washing) while here in Burnside. If you have a fever and suspect you are ill please respect our community and come down once you are healthy. Thank you for being part of the solution and keeping Burnside safe for current citizens and guest alike. Click here to learn about closures and see a full list and find out who will be offering to-go options. Or click here for COVID-19 resources.

From our challenging golf course, to our signature, hometown restaurants, we invite you to rediscover all that Lake Cumberland at Burnside has to offer.

Mayor Robert Lawson addresses City Hall’s operations and changes within the city during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore Our Marinas:

Burnside Marina

Surrounded by tree covered hills and adorned with hundreds of secluded, peaceful coves, Burnside Marina is a boater’s paradise.

Explore Our Marinas:

Lee’s Ford Marina

Lee’s Ford Marina offers an on-site ship store, boat rentals, and a comfortable but upscale restaurant with picturesque views.

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