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Burnside makes a great Vacation Headquarters! Come stay with us! We are, literally, minutes away from ten of Kentucky’s all-star attractions and must-see natural wonders. The possibilities are limitless when you stay on beautiful Lake Cumberland at Burnside.

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I am Frank Crabtree, Jr. The Executive Director of Burnside Tourism and Recreation Commision.

I was born and raised in beautiful Pulaski County. I grew up appreciating all this area has to offer in it’s natural resources for entertainment. I attended college at SCC, University of Louisville, and University of Kentucky. In my professional tenure I served a total of 18 years as President and Owner of three companies in various industries around the Bluegrass State. I am happy to be back home close to family and friends where my son can grow up loving the same natural beauty and close community of Burnside, Ky.

In a day and age where smart devices, news, and information flow faster than ever before I want to encourage you to unplug. Rejuvenate your energy, rest your mind, and rediscover the joy of nature. We are the nucleus to much of Southern Kentucky’s finer offerings including Lake Cumberland, Burnside Island State Park, various prestigious eateries, camping, scenic tours, and more than our fair share of adventure activities for your whole family. Take a step back in time and rediscover what it means to have good ole fashioned family fun.

Rediscover Burnside, the only town on Lake Cumberland, because you and your family deserve it!

Frank Crabtree

Executive Director 

Burnside Tourism and Recreation Commission

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