A Camp Living

Our second house we chose to add to Lake Vista Properties. A small simple A-frame dwelling lined with cedar planks nestled in an old quiet community less than 10 miles from the HWY 90 bridge. The roads to this place were laid by, “someone chasing a rabbit” so bring your groceries when you come. It has a private seasonable dock accessible from the back yard. The dock is 10×10 making it large enough to accommodate most boats. The lake level fluctuates all year therefore the journey to the dock from the steps can be more rocky at times than others. There is also a public ramp that is less than 1/4 of a mile from our driveway making this the perfect spot for those looking to “lake it up” on their getaway!!!

The views will never get old as it has year round lake front views with a rock wall back drop. Imagine a camping experience in a camper but instead in a small home. The aroma of the red cedar that makes up the inside of this cabin adds to the coziness you feel when you step inside. The simplicity of this place encourages togetherness and bonding with those you choose to stay with. A great place for a family or even those whom you really love to be in close quarters with.